David Ortiz Hopes Shank Is Happy That He Ruined His Hitting Streak


So for those who don’t know, yesterday Shank did an article wondering if Papi is juicing because he’s lights out this year. Last night Ortiz failed to extend his 27 game hitting streak. After the game, he sent out that tweet.

And I gotta tell you, I hate it. Reminds me so much of the Sox of the last two years. The kind of Sox who bust into their manager’s press conference and bitch about personal stats. No one cares about your hitting streak, David. Just you do. The team lost. Why don’t we focus on being upset about that? Not get worked up because you almost got halfway to DiMaggio’s record.

And I can’t stand Shank more than anyone. He’s a negative troll who genuinely hates everything. He looks for ways to get under everyone’s skin so we talk about him. But guess what? You’re a professional fucking athlete. It’s your job to not acknowledge shit like that. And, truth be told, his questions weren’t unwarranted. You set the precedent yourself. For like three offseasons in a row we wondered if you were too old for an extension. Now you’re tearing the cover off the ball and have a murky past. So these are fair questions. I got caught drinking in high school and every time I came home late after that my parents would ask if I’d been drinking. That was my fault. I put the idea in their head. You did the same. Just explain you’re not juicing, shut the fuck up and go to bed.

Don’t be a fucking child and say “hope you’re happy” because a reporter asked you a question. Just go hit.