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Congratulations to Jalen Ramsey for His Miraculous Recovery from a Back Injury


Jalen Ramsey:

Congratulations are very much in order for the Rams and for Jalen Ramsey. Ask anyone who’s been dealing with back issues the way he has for the last three weeks and they’ll tell you it’s no joke. I’ve never dealt with it. But I’ve seen enough commercials featuring middle aged guys with cartoon lightning bolts coming out of their spine to understand. Back problems can be chronic and debilitating. Even if you work at a desk job, never mind when you’re the “best cornerback in the game” according to 100% of the people who are Jalen Ramsey.

So whatever miracle cure he used to make this swift recovery – whether it was deep tissue massage, a chiropractor, the power of prayer, developing Wolverine powers or Doan’s pills – more power to him. But he’s all the way back in short order. The injury report doesn’t lie, right? He went from missing games with his devastating back injury to missing a practice with a non-injury practically overnight. Not to mention he seemed totally pain free in Sean McVay’s office:

Which something we can all rejoice about.

Just one thing though. Not to bring my own Patriots bias into this otherwise heartwarming story about pain and healing, injury and recovery, but it feels a little familiar to me. A tale as old as six weeks ago. An egocentric guy who convinces himself he’s the best in the business and wants to get paid like it. He makes a dramatic, attention-grabbing entrance into his team’s training camp.


He says all the right things about team goals, but proceeds to undermine them with mysterious injuries that make no sense. He eventually gets shipped out of town to a well run, well coached Super Bowl team. They hope he finds happiness there, stops the nonsense and becomes a productive part of a winning environment.

Yup, this does all have a familiar feel to it. It’s like watching “El Camino,” where you’ve seen characters doing these exact same things, only a few of the details are different. But you pretty much know where this is going.

So best of luck to all involved. The Rams have left themselves without a 1st Round pick for five straight drafts in hopes that the guy they’ve added will stop being obsessed with becoming the highest paid corner in the league long enough to turn their .500 season around. That to get what he wants he won’t come down with surprise undiagnosed ailments like he did for his last employers. And that he’ll basically straighten up and fly right and care about winning more than he did when he was laid up for the last three weeks.

Good luck with that, indeed. Here’s hoping he avoids any more trauma the rest of the way: