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STUDY: If You Have A Problem With Kids Today, Scientists Say That's Like Your Problem, Man

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(dailymail)–Research by cognitive scientist and intelligence researcher John Protzko revealed that Americans who have become highly skilled at something don’t notice when their peers are practising the same skill to a lesser level.

But they do notice it in younger people. 

As a result, for example, strict older people are more likely to believe that younger generations are less respectful to their elders, the research found.

Mr Protzko, who is based in California, said this suggests that observations about the so-called deficiencies of today’s youth – which repeat themselves through generations – are actually an illusion.

Past research has failed to tap into why many adults shake their heads and often utter the words ‘kids these days’.

But Mr Protzko’s research has shed light on this, suggesting complaints about young people in the past may have been inaccurate.

You read through a study like this and go in your head “mhmm” “uhuhh” “okay”…”yeah, whatever, fuck science” because this article is bullshit. I don’t care how many adults were studied, I don’t care what the results were. Kids today are worse with their fortnite and music and all the social media apps and their dumb ass protests about the economy or climate change or whatever. I am generally annoyed by younger generations when I see them in public. But what I am really angry at is this Dr Protzko who ran the study. He used the age range of 33 to 51. Well I am 33. Meaning that I am finally an angry adult. Something I’ve been striving towards for a long time since I am a natural curmudgeon. I’ve been told that my generation sucks for my entire life. Now that I am finally of age to complain about all the soft whiny little spoiled brats who don’t know anything about anything except computers and sex stuff I’ve never even heard of and scientists are telling me that new generations of youth being shitty is all an illusion? No no NO. That isn’t fair. That isn’t right. My generation didn’t kill chain restaurants, real estate, beer, cereal, bars of soap and all the other things we got blamed for just to have our inalienable right to complain about people younger than us snatched out right as I was about to hit my prime complaining years. There is no justice for millenials. This is bullshit. Kids today do suck. So do people older than us who just don’t understand.