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PSA: If You're Going To Game 4 You Need To Be Chanting "DONALD" Every Time Greinke Is On The Mound

Tonight is a must win. The Yankees cannot go down 3-1 to Houston. There is a path for them to pull out the series but it all starts with Masahiro Tanaka conquering Zack Greinke tonight at Yankee Stadium. The Yankees have to win this game and I believe they're going to. 

Something you may not know is that Zack Greinke's actual name is not Zack. It's Donald. Donald Greinke. I want this man to hear his real name throughout the entire night. From the moment he picks up that ball to begin warming up in the bottom of the 1st to his last pitch hopefully not too far after, I want him to feel the heat of 50,000 New Yorkers chanting his name. Exactly what Pittsburgh did to Cueto. DOOOONNAAAAALDDDDD DOOOONNNAAAAALLL DONNAAAAALLLLLD!!!!!

The environment had a lot to do with signing the extension, for sure,” said Greinke. “Now, maybe New York would bother me, but I don’t think anywhere else would bother me anymore. Even though I’m in Kansas City, I’ve gotten used to it a lot more. New York, I still might have trouble in New York. I probably would. But I think almost everyone does.” -B/R

Yankee Stadium was weak for Game 3. The 4:08 start was bullshit, but tonight there's no excuse. Get to the Bronx early. Drink all the beer at the bars and get inside with plenty of time to spare and make Yankee Stadium a prison for Greinke tonight. It's going to be cold and windy. You'll want to be hammered. I give you permission. We need animals in the crowd tonight, not sophisticated rich folk who care about beating traffic. I want blood. Greinke's blood. 

Let's even this series and wake the fuck up.