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The Perfect Malört Reaction Video

Chicago loves Malört everybody knows this. Personally I think it's a bit of a hardo move because it's actually fucking disgusting but it's also just kind of a thing. Like it's pretty unique for something to be so unappealing to virtually everyone but Malört manages to do just that. 

For perspective, that young lady there presumably just finished 26.2 of the hardest miles the city of Chicago has to offer. For all intents and purposes she has been through a physical nightmare that science literally says is harmful for the human body. DETRIMENTAL even. The pride mixed with endorphins mixed with your friends celebrating and that huge medal around your neck all makes for one magical experience and even then it's not enough to overcome much less even battle the evil taste of Jeppson's finest. 

She never stood a stance. 

Vibbs did an extended piece on our beloved spirit a few weeks back. And no bullshit - anyone acting like it's not that bad is so full of shit. You need to have been in a chemical accident as a small child or have smoked/burned/desecrated your taste buds right out of your goddamn mouth to even PRETEND that it's anything less than downright awful. But that's just me. Being a big pussy about Malört again. I'm sure all you tough guys will beg to differ.