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Nothing To See Here, Just Blood Filling An Entire Basement In Iowa

(WHO/NBC News) What sounds like a scene from a horror film is reality for the Lestina family of Bagley, Iowa. Nick Lestina and his family of seven were getting ready to put their house on the market until their basement was flooded with animal blood. Their basement was filled with nearly five inches of animal blood, fat and bones as a result of drainage from a meat locker next door. For the last 10 years, the family has lived next to Dahl’s Meat Locker, but have never had any problems until recently. Lestina said his neighbors were dumping hog and cattle remains down a floor drain which is connected to his pipes. He immediately reported it to the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, which confirmed the substance as animal blood, fat and bones. They got the Department of Health involved due to its hazards.

I don’t understand why this is a story? Does this not happen in the 0ther 49 states? You guys didn’t grow up waking up some mornings with your basement floor coated in blood? Weird, Basement Blood Day was right up there with Christmas morning in terms of childhood excitement. This is an extremely common occurrence in my home state. Iowa is well known for 3 things: Corn, Ashton Kutcher and gallons of blood filling entire basements. It’s tradition.

For real though, that’s pretty crazy. Imagine walking down into your basement one day and it looks like the hallway from The Shining. Not only that, but there were bones in the blood as well so that takes it to a whole different level of horrifying. The explanation isn’t nearly as cool or scary as what everyone initially thought when they first saw the tweet. I weirdly wanted it to be a serial killer or something like that but I guess the people just live next to a meat locker and there was a leak? Laaaaaaaaaaaame. So lame. I will say, meat locker or not, it’s going to be very hard to sell that house now. Potential buyers are gonna assume that place is haunted and not even think about making an offer.