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Mom In Trouble After Turning To WebMD Instead Of A Hospital When Her Son Got Shot. With A Bullet. From A Gun.


HOUSTONA mother could face charges after she allegedly turned to, instead of seeking professional medical attention, when her 14-year-old son was shot by a friend playing with a gun, Santa Fe police said. The shooting happened at 6:27 p.m. Tuesday inside the family’s home located in the 10400 block of 27th Street, police said. Investigators said the incident was captured on the home’s in-house surveillance video system. The video shows Pete Jesse Rodriguez, 24, who is also a resident of the home, pointed a pistol directly at the teen, police said. Rodriguez is accused of tracking the teen’s movement with the pistol and eventually pulling the trigger. The victim was shot once in the upper left thigh with a high-caliber bullet, police said. The teen lay on the floor for several minutes before getting up. Police said the teen and his mother initially looked up gunshots on Then, seven hours later, the teen’s mother drove him to Mainland Center hospital, police said.


I’m as big an anti-ER advocate as there is. I walk into an ER with more hesitation than most walked the Green Mile. It’s a horrifying place. I know there’s nothing for me inside those walls besides muted colors, the potential for MRSA, and a hefty co-pay. I avoid it like the plague. Not metaphorically, mind you. I’m truly worried if I picked up one of the old Time Magazines they provide, to read about that “Hurricane Sandy” thing, then I would contract the plague.

Nonetheless, I know when a situation is out of my hands. Know when it’s time to nut up and say what’s up doc. This is such a time. When you get shot you got right to the ER. If you look on WebMD first you’ll end up convinced that “open wound” on your “upper left thigh” is an oozing STD when in fact it’s simply a high-caliber bullet wound.

PS – in-home surveillance system, guns, and a not-so-bright brain. I wonder what occupational field these lovely citizens are in?