Wake Up With John Lackey Getting Tossed After Just 2 Pitches

John Lackey, the guy who could never do any wrong, never threw at anyone, was never an asshole, just an all-around outstanding guy. Guy loved throwing his arms up like “WHO, ME?”. Love watching me a John Lackey tantrum, especially when his very first 2 pitches of this game are directly at Ian Kinsler. First pitch is obviously being thrown behind him, and Kisnler knows whats coming. Lackey’s second pitch of the night finds itself right in Kinsler’s ribs. Boom, take an early shower. John throws a fit, Mike Scioscia throws a fit, but it’s too late. Lackey gets the hook after just 2 pitches. Harder to get thrown out in less time, kind of impressive how quick it was.