Conor McGregor Teases A December Fight With Frankie Edgar On Twitter


We’ve got a pretty interesting tweet from Conor McGregor here. I’ve been saying for a few months now that it IS Frankie Edgar that Conor McGregor has selected as the opponent for his return fight, and this confirms it. I’m not sure how realistic December is, as I straight up asked Dana White if it’d be possible to get McGregor on that December card the last time he was here and got a clear “No” in response…

…but he’s obviously still pushing for it, and plans change all the time in the UFC, so who knows. Last I heard, January/February/March is more likely. Conor’s probably just so eager to get back in there.

If you’re wondering why Conor McGregor will be fighting Frankie Edgar next, I don’t have a concrete answer for ya, but I’d presume it’s because of his respect for the former champion, actually. Over the years, Conor has talked shit about pretty much everybody on the UFC roster – except for Frankie Edgar.

Whenever his name came across McGregor’s radar, you would hear nothing but praise from the Irishman, and he’s even showed intent to fight him just to make sure he gets a good payday before he retires. Weird, but true. Guess we’ll have to wait and see.