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2 U's, 2 K's, 2 Game Lead

What a fucking hockey game! Up and down, up and down, up and down. I said last time that when 5 on 5 the Leafs didn’t belong on the ice with the B’s but tonight was a different story. Lot of energy in the building and the Leafs played great while the B’s looked sluggish in both the 3rd and OT. If it wasn’t for Tuukka this series is coming home 2-2. But alas, we have a topnotch goalie in net to stand on his head when we need it. If there was some kind of award they gave to great goalies Tuukka should definitely be nominated.


The guy with the hat trick and GWG played pretty well too.



Anyway, get the riot police out!


And oh yea, I called Krejci. No big deal.