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Cardale Jones Was Likely A First Round Pick But He Went Back To School Instead. He Has Zero Regrets.

Very, very interesting comment from my QB (of the DC Defenders) this morning. Antonio Bryant basically said a college degree is overvalued (correct take) and if you have the chance to get paid you take it. And I agree with that. The point of college is basically to work towards getting a paycheck, and Cardale’s paycheck was going to be to play football in the NFL. And remember, he once infamously tweeted that he didn’t go to college “to play school”

Screen Shot 2019-10-16 at 3.56.57 PM

Well it looks like Cardale matured a bit and decided he did in fact go there to play SCHOOL, because he ended up graduating and dropping to the 4th round. And it turns out he has no regrets about it:


Also interesting. And I understand his reasoning, but I would argue you can always go back and get your degree. A school will never turn down money, I promise you that. But he did what he thought was best for him and he feels he benefited from it long term, so good for him. And I did the same thing. I graduated from school instead of going to the NFL as well. Same path.

I mean, to be real, there definitely is a part of Cardale that wonders “what if” he left a year early. Maybe he doesn’t make it in the NFL, but the bank account would be wayyyy different. Or maybe the memories he made his senior year is worth it to him. Who knows.

But now he is the starting QB of the DC Defenders, and I’m pumped. As a day 1 fan of the Defenders, I can’t wait to see him tear it up week in and week out.

And to watch him and Haskins develop together. Pretty neat.

Can’t wait for February.