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An Inside Look At Bill Burr's Fascination with Sports Venues

On today’s Pardon My Take, Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter were joined by stand-up comedian, actor, and podcaster Bill Burr. During the interview, the group discussed Burr’s new comedy special, the urge to bet on every game that is taking place, and more. But a fascinating part of it was diving into Burr’s deep interest in sports venues. Everyone has a bucket list of games and places they want to go to, and Burr is fortunate enough to have been to the majority of them.

Mr. Cat: When we last had you on, you had almost all of the stadiums. Have you picked up any new ones? It’s like a streak that I just love to talk about.

Bill Burr: There’s some rich guy who’s been to all the stadiums.

Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter: Marlins Man.

Mr. Cat: We’re personal friends with him.

Bill Burr: Does he have his own plane? If he has his own plane, that’s like the PED’s of going to every stadium.


Mr. Cat: Yeah, that’s not fair.

Mr. Commenter: He’s the guy who will buy out like an entire Southwest Airlines flight and just ride on his own.

Mr. Cat: For people who don’t know, he [Bill] tries to hit a stadium every time he goes to a new city, and you have been to almost every single stadium in all the four major sports.

Bill Burr: Yeah, a home game of almost every team. I’ve been to a home game with the Phillies, but it was at the Vet, not the new one. So, there’s a little bit of that going on, but all the baseball, football, all the hockey except three. And I got like six or seven basketball left. And then once a year, I go to a big college football game, college hoops. Racing.

Burr, Mr. Cat, and Mr. Commenter then went on to discuss some of the specific memories the comedian has had at some of these big-time events. A few of his descriptions include:

On a Duke-North Carolina game at Cameron Indoor: “It was just like people standing the whole time. I came out, my ears were ringing like I saw a concert.”

On Madison Square Garden: “Mecca. Yeah. People from around the globe gathered to kick the Knicks ass.”

On Milwaukee Brewers County Stadium: “What I loved about that stadium was they still had the beer keg back in the day every time they hit a home run. They had some big-titted blonde who would slide down a slide into this alleged bucket of beer, like ‘AMERICA!’”


Hard to match any of these descriptions if we are being honest here. Now, of course, it’s impossible to check all these stadiums and arenas off your list unless you have the finances to make it a reality. Bill Burr seems humble about being able to do this, and it is cool to see and hear about all the different stories he’s had while traveling the country heading to different games and events.