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Dillon Danis - Possibly MMA's Most Hated Man - Has Been Doing Some Awesome Stuff To Combat Bullying Recently

Dillon Danis may just be the most hated man in all of mixed martial arts, but he ain’t actually a bad guy. I’ve known this for a while, as has anybody who has actually met and conversed with Dillon, but still, his troll-ways, friendship with Conor McGregor, and “feud” with Jake Paul find him catching nothing but negative headlines – until now.

Months ago, some horrible bullying videos surfaced that caught Danis’ attention. Videos exactly like the one above, where a group of pussy-ass bullies ganged up on a helpless victim, and beat the shit out of them. He offered help and private jiu-jitsu lessons to those in trouble, and recently proved he wasn’t bluffing on any of that.

As you could see above, Danis was able to get in touch with one of the bullying victims, and actually got him started at his local jiu-jitsu gym! Dude went as far as ordering the kid an Uber from his house to the dojo itself!

I’ve already seen a ton of haters come outta the woodwork, saying that Danis is just doing this for attention/good press, and to that, I respond – who cares?! I’d like to think I sorta know Dillon, and I don’t think that was his true intention here, but even if it was, he’s still doing good, spreading a GREAT anti-bullying message with his massive platform, and helping out somebody who needs some help. I think that’s pretty fucking cool. Good on ya, Dillon.

Best of luck to the young one in this journey, as well!

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