The Kings Offered Bogdan Bogdanovic His Max Extension Which Has To Annoy The Shit Out Of Buddy Hield

Sacramento Kings v Utah Jazz

(Sacramento Bee) - Kings guard Bogdan Bogdanovic said the team has offered him a maximum contract extension that would pay more than $50 million and keep him in Sacramento for four more years, but he is in no hurry to sign it.

Bogdanovic told The Sacramento Bee he wants to take his time with the decision. He would prefer to remain in Sacramento, but he could receive more lucrative offers if he waits to become a restricted free agent this summer.

“I would like to stay,” Bogdanovic said. “Everyone knows that I love Sacramento. Everyone loves to be here. It’s a great group of guys. I’m happy right now and I was happy all these years, but I don’t want to rush anything.”

In an interview with The Bee last week, Hield made it clear he wants to reach an agreement before the Oct. 21 deadline for rookie-scale extensions, but the team might benefit from waiting. The opposite is probably true for Bogdanovic, who is entering his third season with the Kings and the final year of a three-year, $27 million deal. He is eligible for a four-year extension worth about $51.4 million – an average of $12.85 million per year – but he would likely receive larger offers in free agency.

Now this is definitely interesting as we approach the deadline for the 2016 Draft class to get their rookie extensions. As of now only 3 players have received a new deal, and guys like Jaylen Brown/Sabonis/Hield etc are probably going to have to wait until the summer because they want massive extensions and there’s no shame in making them play through the year and earn it. There’s risk someone can overpay, but as RFA’s their teams can match any off, even going over the cap to do so. So why this is interesting for the Kings is this all went down while Buddy Hield is making it pretty damn clear he wants his extension immediately


and as of now there is no max extension out there for him. With the Kings extending this to Bogdanovic you wonder how Hield will take that as they are both the same age and have a similar skillset, but the twist is Bogdanovic doesn’t have to sign this until June 30th. Due to how extensions work the Kings could only offer 120% of Bogdanovic’s current deal which is where the $51M comes from, but that doesn’t mean another team out there won’t surpass that. It’s pretty clear the Kings are thinking maybe they can get Bogdanovic at a discount now, and then be protected in the event Hield gets a ridiculous offer this summer that they don’t want to match. At least then you’ll have one of your legit shooters under contract for a great price as they prepare for the De’Aaron Fox/Bagley extensions.

So while this was a move that you probably should have expected from the Kings because his market price is most likely going to be higher than $12M, you have to wonder how this is going to sit with Hield and that locker room. Unless they come to terms in the next week or so, Hield has already talked about how he loves SAC but shit can change in an instant if things don’t get worked out. Now the other RFA has his extension if he wants it and Hield is left with nothing. For a young team that is trying to take a step this season, that shit can matter. NBA locker rooms are living breathing organisms and shit like being unhappy about contracts can have a ripple effect.

If I were Bogdanovic, no way am I signing that extension now. Even if he has a down year, the 4 year max is still on the table and if he has he season everyone is expecting, he can absolutely be a $15-20M player. The free agent class this summer isn’t exactly loaded with talent and you know guys are going to be overpaid, so why blow your load now when you don’t have to.

Another season like this, and Bogdanovic is going to cash in