Shoutout This Yankees Fan For Pulling Off The Great Escape

This is what October baseball is all about. Wanting it more than the other guy. Doesn’t matter if you’re hurt, injured, outmanned, out-gunned, all of that goes out the window when the chips are down. And this man pulled off an an escape move that Houdini himself couldn’t have fathomed. By my count this man had to shred THREE shirts in order to execute this maneuver and by God did he ever. It also really goes to show how important fundamentals are in crucial moments such as these as the security guards really rested on their laurels. I mean that was piss poor securing techniques at best. I’ve seen greased watermelons handled better than this man. Sure, one would assume the shirtless man was quickly apprehended a few moments after this video ended but I’m a dreamer. I choose to believe he’s home free, ordering a brand new Paul O’Neill jersey gearing up for Game 4. He earned that much.