Shit: Akiem Hicks Placed On Injured Reserve


Here’s some more shitty yet unsurprising news.

It didn’t look good at all when Hicks went to the locker room in a hurry during that Raiders game. It’s been kind of mum since then with one report saying 4-8 weeks, but now we know what’s actually happening and it isn’t good.

Akiem Hicks is our second most important player on defense. They played well without him against the Vikings, but there’s no telling how well that’s going to hold up. Shitty situation, but that’s the NFL and we can’t really bitch given how lucky we were last year. Time for Nick Williams to step up.

As far as the other note on the tweet goes – I’m excited. The Patriots tried to pluck Alex Bars away from us and the Bears made sure that he stayed so they obviously value him. Will he step right in? Is Coward still the guy to fill in for Long initially? It’s going to be interesting to see how they handle it from here on out.