The 2020 Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame Nominees Are Out And Mötley Crüe Was Snubbed Once Again

Nominees for the 2020 Rock N Roll Hall of Fame were released today, and while the list is actually half decent, I can’t help but wonder where the fuck Mötley Crüe is. I know, I know, maybe I’m just being a fanboy and focusing on the negative here, but after leading the fan vote AGAIN…

…and just generally having a year of resurgence for the band, with ‘The Dirt’ seeing huge success on Netflix in introducing Mötley to a whole new generation, I really held out hope for a nomination at the very least. Stupidly, sure, because the Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame has been nothing but a dumb political institution for decades, and straight up told Nikki Sixx that he’d never get in (and Nikki says if they offered they’d decline):

“I was actually doing an interview with Tommy [Lee] a couple of weeks ago, and we were asked if we would ever play together again. And Tommy said, ‘I don’t know. Maybe if we got into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame or something, we could dust off a couple of our old classics.’ I was, like, ‘Really?’ And he said, ‘Why not?’ But we don’t have any plans because we were told by the Hall of Fame that we would never get in, because of how we’ve acted, so that’s kind of it.”

I just thought maybe this year would be different. Mick’s getting up there in age, Vince in weight, and I don’t know how many years the boys have left in em to get up on stage and rip through a few classics. I’m hoping the RNR HOF cunts come to their senses before a member of Crüe croaks.

Out of the current nominees, though – Pat Benatar, Dave Matthews Band, The Doobie Brothers, Motörhead, The Notorious B.I.G., Soundgarden, T. Rex, Thin Lizzy and Whitney Houston, Depeche Mode (two previous noms), Judas Priest (nominated for Class of 2018), Kraftwerk (nominated five previous times), MC5 (nominated four times before), Nine Inch Nails (nominated two times before), Rufus featuring Chaka Khan (three previous noms) and Todd Rundgren (nominated for Class of 2019) – my inductees are as follows…

-Judas Priest
-The Notorious B.I.G.
-Nine Inch Nails

I know that Biggie and Whitney Houston getting noms may confuse folk out there, but criteria basically just says artists must have “unquestionable musical excellence and talent” and must have made a “significant impact on the development, evolution and preservation of rock and roll”. You could definitely make the argument that Biggie/Tupac’s attitude and impact on the world influenced rock n roll, and that Whitney’s voice and use of it affected music across the board. I’m fine with it.

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