Little Charlie Gets Sick Of Halloween Decorations And Their Bullshit, Starts Throwing Hands

Get’em Charlie! Get’em! Fuck’em up Charlie! Somebody hold Charlie back! Hold him back! If his parents hasn’t been there to pull Charlie off he’d still be there boxing the ears of that spider. And honestly, it’s about damn time Halloween decorations got their comeuppance for scaring little kids all these years. Generation after generation has passed by and done nothing about Halloween spiders and ghosts and goblins but Charlie has revolution on his mind. He’s sick and tired of being sick and tired of living in fear every October. Charlie will forever be seen as a hero in the toddler community.

By the way, if I’m a Halloween decorator, I’m shaking in my boots right now because the ramifications of that video are potentially devastating. They better hope that video doesn’t spread like wild fire and motivate other children to start standing up for themselves every time a fake spider jumps out. My guess is it will spread because every kid in the world nowadays has access to a smartphone or an iPad so it might be a wrap for scary Halloween decorations and haunted houses.