Start Your Week With The Video Of Ed Reed Talking About Accountability And Cleaning Up After Himself During The Ravens Super Bowl Season

Not sure why, but I felt like kicking off the week with this video of Ed Reed talking about being accountable for your own actions and cleaning up following a game. I'm not a Ravens fan by any means and Ed hasn't really been in the news since he went into the Hall of Fame over the summer. But there are some messages that are bigger than sports and this is one of them. Sure, my 18 month old son doesn't even need to be told this message since his daycare teacher says he not only cleans up his own messes but he also cleans the messes of the other kids in his class (dad humblebrag). However, based on Ed's story, there are still people in this world that like to talk about what it takes to be a champion without being a champion off the field. Hopefully those people can learn a thing or two about doing things the right way, regardless of what happens on the field. Because if the greatest safety I have ever seen is not above cleaning up after himself in his own locker room, nobody is. 

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Blogger's Note: Holy shit, it feels so good to act like you are better than everyone else with a Parting Shot