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Dolphins Tailgates Are Now Quite Literally Taking Place On The Bang Bus

Listen, you gotta mix some things up in Miami right now. You’re not winning games. You’re benching Josh Rosen for Fitzpatrick because, well, I have no idea why. Again, you’re not winning games, let Rosen just play the entire year. You’re going to have Tua next year so who cares? Plus, you have Bang Bros trying make a splash in Miami


Gotta get fan support behind this, right? But remember we’ve seen Dolphins tailgates go off the deep end before.

I love that they showed up for the Redskins/Dolphins game too. Just really embrace how shitty that game was supposed to be. Granted, it turned out to be a close game and I love the Dolphins going for 2 and the win. But, let’s face it. 17-16 doesn’t matter when you’re forced to watch those two franchises.

Bang Bus Stop is a hell of a hashtag too:


h/t Busted Coverage for the IG pictures