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A Steelers Home Game Broke Out In LA Tonight Against The Chargers

I know this is the third year that the Chargers have been in LA, the Steelers not only travel well but are a big national team with a lot of Cali transplants, LA is a college football city at heart, and shit like this happens to the Chargers on some scale 8 times a year. But this has to be the worst turn out we’ve seen yet, right? Tonight feels like one of those games where the Steelers home game got moved somewhere else because of really bad weather or Bane blew up their stadium. Except that stadium is the opposing team’s stadium and there are about 10 fans of the opposing team to show for it.

The worst part about all this is that it’s only going to get worse when the Chargers move into their new fancy stadium with a bazillion seats. If the fans aren’t coming out when the team is (was?) one of the best teams in the AFC, it’s only going to get worse if (when?) they fade into bolivian during an inevitable rebuild. And ruing that time, all that extra room will be filled with somehow MORE visiting fans rooting for the road team as the Chargers live through yet another season of 16 road games, unless Phil Rivers pumps out enough kids to drown out the noise. And while I would never question the fruit of that man’s loins or his wife’s unnnnnnnbelievable devotion to the childbearing game, I have to wonder if maybe the Chargers should just go back to quiet San Diego where they had at least a slightly better homefield advantage despite being at best the 2nd best thing to do in San Diego on any day the beach was an option, which was pretty much every day. Everyone still calls the Chargers the San Diego Chargers because it just feels right. I’d say the Spanos family should do the right thing and move them back to San Diego. But that would require the Spanos family to actually do the right thing for once. There’s a reason that Football’s First Family threw their entire existence in front of this actually happening and it had more to do with just the size of the lucrative New York market.

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