High School Teacher Fired Because She's Also A Model

DMA high school teacher has been forced to resign and escorted off the campus after she was discovered to be a part-time glamor model. Olivia Sprauer said she was asked to resign after confirming to school chiefs she posed for a series of bikini-clad modeling shots. The 26-year-old, who models under the name Victoria Valentine James, had been planning to resign later this month to pursue a modeling career. Miss Sprauer, an English teacher from Boca Raton, said she was called into the principal’s office and shown a photo that had been sent to him. On confirming she had posed for the shoot, she was told to resign and was escorted from the campus in Martin County. She writes: ‘I am very open-minded and enjoy modeling for all types of shoots. I have had various experiences modeling from photographers seeking to build their portfolios to commercial advertisements and magazine publications, I love being in front of the camera!  ‘There is an inherent satisfaction in discovering what art the photographer and I can create! ‘I am very fun to work with, and my creative nature can add a lot to a shoot, as well. Oh! And did I mention I absolutely love being photographed? She added: ‘I am more than comfortable shooting nudes for the right projects and look forward to hearing from any photographers interested in capturing the perfect picture.’


At face value, this is fucked up. Can’t fire a girl with a hot body for sharing her gift. That’s not what America is all about. But when you dive into this story, and I mean really look at the facts, then I think Olivia had to be fired. Because this chick isn’t just a model, she’s a porn star. She has to be. I don’t know it for a fact, but my pornstar-dar is going haywire right now. For starters, Victoria Valentine? Super pornstar name. Pic with the header “XXXtreme”? Yup, that’s pornstary. “I’m comfortable shooting nudes for the right projects” is just a nice way of saying “put me on a casting couch and I’ll fuck you into next week.”

The principle didn’t fire her because he saw a pic of her in a bathing suit, he fired her because someone emailed him a video of her teaching a Sex Ed lesson.

At least that’s one man’s opinion.