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Jon Jones Has A Message For His Fans Who Are Calling Him A Coward


Ohhhh shit.  Jon Jones firing back at his fans about them calling him a coward about something or other.  I really have no idea what he’s talking about here because I don’t follow MMA and have never even seen a single fight.  Not my cup of tea.  I’m more of a boxing fan.  I now know that this Jon fella likes to brag a lot and smirk into the camera like a weirdo.  Maybe eat a piece of humble pie.  I just thought the video was funny because it looks like he shot it while taking a dump.  That’s the hard hitting angle I’m bringing to you.  You can’t sit there and tell me it doesn’t look like he’s pooping during that video.  The biggest indicator was being shirtless.  If you don’t take your shirt off when you poop then you’re an animal.  It’s very freeing.  As far this Gus fella he’s talking about, still no idea what’s going on there.  Sounds like he’s kind of afraid of him, no?  Toughen up, Jon and fight him.

But hey, it’s his career, guys.  Not yours.