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Justin Bieber's 'Many Men'-Inspired Rap About Being A Gluten Free Christian Is Awful And Terrible



Incredibly yuck. Truly disgusting, awful, terrible, bad, no good, appalling, disgusting, dreadful and nauseating. What the hell was that, Biebs? Why are you rapping? Furthermore, why are you using one of the greatest rap songs of all time, 'Many Men' by 50 Cent, to try and be a rapper? Don't do that. Stop immediately. Whoever told Justin this was a good idea is a Yes Man to the highest degree and they should be ashamed of themselves for enabling this type of embarrassing behavior. And to make matters infinitely worse, Bieber really talked about being a gluten free Christian on a song that's about how many men (many many many many men) wish to gun 50 Cent down on the streets of Jamaica Queens.

What are we doing here, Justin? You're one of the greatest pop stars alive, give the people what they want and use that iconic singing voice of yours. There's also lines in the rap about turning the other cheek to those who do him wrong. You know who doesn't believe in that whatsoever? Curtis '50 Cent' Jackson. Fiddy has never not once turned the other cheek on anyone who has done him wrong. If you follow him on Instagram you know how he handles beef. He goes the other way by doubling down on every dispute he gets into and literally tries to ruin the other person's life. We're talking about a man who has an almost 20 year running beef with Ja Rule. There's no reason to continue that beef at all, he won 15 years ago and yet he continues to bury Ja every chance he gets. 50 Cent is relentless and ruthless and, most importantly, not gluten free.

Bottom line is Justin Bieber shouldn't be rapping because he's terrible at it and he definitely shouldn't be taking inspiration from a song like Many Men when his life is the complete opposite of what that song is about. Do a Logic song or something. 

Here, cleanse your palate