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Hairdressing Awards Ceremony, Which Is A Real Thing I Guess, Turns Into The Vibe Awards When One Lady Head Butts Another


Fight!  Fight!  Fight!  Well that escalated quickly.  One second these ladies are all having a good time, talking about different hair styles (that’s a guess on my part.  What else could they possibly be doing at event such as this though?) and then before you know it, boom, it’s the 2004 Vibe Awards all over again.  Bodies flying every which way and quiet conversations turning to mass chaos.  The handbag to the face was vicious.  The crowd reacted accordingly.  The “Ohhhhhh” was priceless.  That’s when you know somebody got fucked up.  Who knew hairdressing awards had the chance of getting so out of hand?  I guess who knew hairdressing awards even existed?  I sure as hell didn’t.  But they look like a raucous good time.  Bitches smacking each other in the face with hand bags and then other chicks retailtiaitng with an old fashioned head butt.  An all around solid time.

PS- Is that Vibe Awards reference too out of date now?  As a person who enjoys the sound of hip hop music I remember that being a HUGE deal.  Not to mention I was on a big G-Unit kick at the time and thinking Young Buck might go to jail for stabbing the guy who attacked Dr. Dre sucked because I loved Straight Outta Cashville.