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Wake Up With 1st Overall Pick And Orioles Savior, Adley Rutschman, Knocking The Snot Out Of Christian McCaffrey On The Football Field

We all know Adley Rutschman is a stud. Probably going to be the best player in baseball and leading the Orioles to multiple World Series titles. That is going to happen. What you didn't know is that his freshman year he kicked for Oregon State too. What can't the guy do? Here we have him kicking off to some white running back. That running back from Stanford gets swallowed up like he fell into a blackhole when the kicker makes the tackle. That running back? Oh, its Christian McCaffrey. Your catcher could NEVER. Maybe he didn't knock the snot out of him like I said in the title, but that is just a good fundamental tackle by Adley. Man I love this kid.