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Mr. Kraft Reveals That Gronk Hasn't Filed Retirement Papers and the Door is WIDE Open to Him Coming Back

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Antonio Brown, Schmantonio Brown. Forget bringing back that unreliable locker room carcinogen. He’s an undependable tuna who was unlikely to ever last a season without obsessing over his stats, demanding the ball and making wins less important than his next contract. Gronk is a supremely dependable orca who would do anything asked of him to get his fourth ring and make his teammates, his coaches, his quarterback, his owner and this region happy.

Also, forget asking why Brady has his house on the market and why he’s still following Mr. Big Chest on Instagram. And let’s instead focus on the real Big Picture: Why hasn’t Gronk filed his retirement papers?

I’ll admit that when Gronk wrote that thoughtful, verbose, well-crafted statement about joining Fox – and by that I mean when the Fox promotions department wrote it and slapped his name on it – I pretty much figured that was it. That unretirement was no longer an option. Plus I have a good friend who did some work with Gronk and told me that Gronk made it clear in no uncertain terms he was happy in retirement and not coming back.


Funny then, that he wouldn’t have his agent spend the 1/4 of a billable hour it would take to fill out the simple, standardized form to make it happen, start collecting his pension and be eligible for the Hall of Fame Class of 2023.

I’m not saying this means he’s definitely coming back. All I’m saying is, there’s a chance.

A 69% chance.