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A New Way To Gamble is HERE!! Here's $20 Free From The Hard Factor Boys.

Here’s Your $20, Now Get To Betting!!!

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Let’s face it folks, politics are fucking boring 99% of the time.  Just a bunch of idiots on both sides arguing the same old bullshit talking points about the same old issues, all while trying to avoid a major gaff (Looking at you Biden).  It sucks, but what if I told you that you can make money off these clowns?  What if I told you that you could place bets on how many times Donald Trump tweets in a week, or which candidate will be the Democratic Party nominee (hint: probably Liz Warren).  What if I told you that you can now make watching boring ass Democratic Presidential debates as much fun as watching a football game, complete with prop bets, like “Will Anyone Say Whistleblower,” for example.  Well, I am telling you that right now to your face you can; it’s called PredictIt.org and it’s AWESOME. 100% legal in all 50 states.

This isn’t normal betting though, it’s like the stock market, and you are NEVER locked into a bet – get in or get out anytime, make a little profit, or make a lot, it’s entirely up to you and how well you know your shit!!

Heres how it works, it’s pretty simple:

  • Each bet is called a “market”, for example, and probably our favorite market here at Hard Factor, is how many tweets Donald Trump will have during a given week.  For this “market/bet” the site separates a variety of number ranges like “209 or fewer” “210-219″ “220-229″ “280 or more”,  you get the picture?  Then you can buy stock in those tweet ranges, which are all given a value based on not only how much that SOB is tweeting, but also what most people are betting on.
  • For this particular market, each number range is given a value, you just pick the range you think will hit, buy shares in that range at the price they are selling for and hope that SOB doesn’t lie shirtless on his back at night and go into a retweet frenzy if you have the under.
  • Again, you can get in or out anytime, so if he does lie shirtless on his back and starts firing off tweets by the bucket, you can get out of that range and buy into a new one.
  • Let’s say you bet on the “209 or fewer” range like I did this week, SEE BELOW, well it looks like that market is doing well based on his current tweet activity, so the value of each share I bought has gone up by 9 cents, and I own 327 shares.  Now if I wanted to I could cash out now, make a cool $29 dollars in profit and invest in another market, but if I let it ride all the way to the top (each bet maxes out at 99 cents) then I would get that sweet $307.08 payout, again, just gotta hope shirtless Donald doesn’t go on a tweet tear at night.

Screen Shot 2019-10-10 at 5.43.02 PM

Other “markets” you can play in have a “yes” and “no” buy option.  For example the market below, “Who Will Win The 2020 Democratic presidential nomination”

Screen Shot 2019-10-10 at 5.54.29 PM

You see, right now the site has Liz Warren as the front runner, and with her price at right around 47 cents, if you buy “yes” meaning you think she will be nominated, you would basically double your money when the share goes to 99 cents, if it happens.  Alternatively, you could think that her beer drinking and Golden Retriever pandering ass is gonna fuck up, you can buy the “No” and if she doesn’t get the nomination you would also basically double your money.  Again, as your shares increase in value, so does your portfolio, and you can get out at ANY TIME!!


So what the hell are you waiting for, you are smarter than the average bear right?  Deposit some cash, bet with your brain and not your heart, and you can really make some great profits!!  You don’t need Bitcoin to deposit, just a checking account, debit or credit card, and when you choose to cash out the money is in your account in days, so use the link below, get some free cash on us, listen to the show for our “expert” picks each day, and ride with us!!!!

Go to http://bit.ly/2Mcuq0c to get your first $20 deposit matched in the stock market of politics!