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Aaron Hicks, Sidelined With a Hurt Elbow That Was Feared To Need Tommy John, Decided To Start Throwing On His Own At Home And Now Might Be On The ALCS Roster, Wait What?


I mean...what? So Aaron Hicks was told he was shutdown for the year and to rest so he can come back good to go next year and then he just decided to start throwing because he "felt good?" That is WILD. A guy was feared to need Tommy John surgery decided to chance that risk and give it a go because his elbow felt good on the couch in Arizona? Heroic? Yeah maybe, but also completely idiotic. 

I'll take how to void a brand new 7 year $70 million contract extension for $1000, Alex. I mean if he further hurt himself doing that he's fucked. Not even a question about it. Contract torn up. 

As for the ALCS roster? I mean where do you play Hicks? I really don't want to take Gardner out of center right now as crazy as that may sound, and Maybin has been awesome as the 4th outfielder coming off the bench for speed and defense. There's obviously the question of rust and not being able to get into games, but Cashman seemed to dispel that today when talking to reporters.

Remember, Hicks is Cashman's baby. He loves showing off his dollar store prize that has turned into this beast. And he just gave him a 7 year $70 million extension, as I mentioned before. I don't think Cash would hesitate, if Hicks is actually good to go, with throwing him on the roster. At his best, Hicks is a game changer. Stellar defense, one of the strongest arms in baseball, a quick bat with power, and speed. His numbers against Houston and Tampa aren't great: Verlander 1-17, Greinke 1-6, Osuna 0-4. Miley 3-10, Snell 4-19 with HR, Yarbrough 2-7, and Morton 2-15 with HR. None of that is eye popping. Still, it wouldn't shock me in the slightest, as unlikely as this sounded a week ago. What a wild turn of events.