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You Just 8-2 See It, LA Kings. You Really Just 8-2 See The Worst Self-Own In Twitter History

Let’s go back to October 6. The Nationals were playing the Dodgers, and LA took a commanding 8-2 lead late in the game. And then out of the god damn clouds the LA Kings Twitter account decided they were feeling cheeky and jumped into the mix with their two cents with the clever “you 8-2 see it”. Ok LA Kings, pile on if you must.

Well, flash forward to last night, where the planets and the stars aligned and the world became whole again. Not only did the Nationals eliminate the Dodgers in LA, but BUT BUT BUT…check this out….


Absolutely incredible. An 8-2 score in hockey just days after they chirped the Nats out of nowhere for being down 8-2. And guess what? The internet never forgets.

Score 1-4 for the good guys.



h/t Peter