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Will "Big Gas" Dissly Is Out To Prove That Seattle Has Some Of The Strongest Weed On The Market

Percy Harvin and Calvin Johnson have made headlines recently by coming out and talking about their marijuana usage to help cope with the rigors of playing in the NFL. In terms of active players there hasn’t been anyone brave enough to come out and challenge the status quo and admit to burning it down in real time. That was until Will Dissly logged on to Twitter dot com and fired off this astute observation about… unicorns.

I’m all in on this take. I have no qualms with giraffes, they seem like nice enough fellas but he’s not wrong about unicorns. He stayed away from the flying and magical aspects because he didn’t want to make it too obvious he was chugging on big gas last night but no one starts randomly thinking about unicorns vs. giraffes without a little help from Mary Jane. Which is a great first step hopefully towards the NFL toning down their old, crotchety stance against cannabis when they realize it mostly just keeps their players glued to a couch watching PLANET EARTH.


Now all I want to do is talk animal hypotheticals with Will Dissly. Someone this simultaneously level-headed and open minded has takes that need unearthing. For science.