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You Could Say Zion Williamson Had A Decent Night Tonight

New Orleans Pelicans v Chicago Bulls

As a blogger and a basketball fan, Zion is a gift from heaven. If it seems like there’s a lot of Zion content out there lately well get used to it because we’re just getting started. That’s the thing about Zion, you see his name and you are clicking/watching whatever it is because chances are it’s going to be something pretty fucking sweet. I get he’s hyped on ESPN, he’s hyped here, he’s hyped everywhere you look on the internet. It’s not an accident. Sometimes it’s a sweet fastbreak dunk, sometimes it’s putting someone on a poster, sometimes it’s a cool 29/4/4 on 12-13 shooting in 27 minutes while not having to shoot further than 5 feet. Look at that shot chart again


Yeah I know it was against the Bulls in a preseason game but this is not a one time thing. Take a look at what he was able to do the other night against Atlanta

Screen Shot 2019-10-09 at 8.20.55 PM

This obviously doesn’t answer any of the questions about his jumper or anything like that, but here’s the thing. If nobody is going to be able to stay in front of Zion who cares? Between what he’s going to get in transition and then the way he can utilize his size to start from the perimeter he’s a nightmare even without the proven jumper. But what we saw tonight wasn’t just a dunker who did nothing but score around the rim. We saw his playmaking ability with how he was able to find the right play on the weakside while doing it off the dribble. That’s not insignificant. He did a great job not turning the ball over and led all Pelicans in minutes. So far through two preseason games, Zion has delivered on his hype. You take into account it’s SUPER early and these games don’t count but Pelicans games are already must watch affairs.

Which is why I would like to thank Zion in advance for all the blogable performances and moments we’re about to see over the next 8 months. This season needs to start already.


What a huge fourth quarter comeback by the Pelicans to win this game too. A 41-18 fourth quarter on the road to steal the win. Everything coming up Pelicans!

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