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Turns Out That Nerd Kellen Moore Isn't Some Sort Of Super Genius After All

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Dallas Cowboys

Alright Frankie.

Through the first 3 weeks of the NFL season, everybody was talking about Kellen Moore. It was Kellen Moore this. Kellen Moore that. People were acting like he was the next great thing in the NFL. Nobody cared about the fact that the Dallas Cowboys only played against the Giants, R-Words and Dolphins. Nobody cared that they were essentially putting up numbers against glorified CFL teams. Everybody was ready to just hand the keys to the league over to Kellen Moore because he was some sort of super genius.

Turns out that was all a farce. Turns out he’s just a big ol’ dummy. Because not only have teams with actual talent been able to figure out Dallas’ defense, but Kellen Moore is actually helping his opponents every time he calls a play.

PFTThe Saints’ defense had an impressive performance against the Cowboys’ offense last week, and they studied Cowboys offensive coordinator Kellen Moore’s college playing days to do it.

Saints players told Steve Wyche of NFL Network that they went back to Boise State tape from Moore’s years as the quarterback there to see what kinds of hand signals he used. The Saints then found that Moore uses some of the same signals when calling the Cowboys’ offense, and those tendencies helped the Saints shut down the Cowboys.

The guy was pegged to be the next superstar coach in the league after just 3 weeks on the job and he can’t even be bothered to come up with different hand signals than the ones he used a decade ago at Boise State? Big time yikes. That’s like someone saying that they found the world’s next great chef but all they cook is Easy Mac and Tyson chicken tenders. It’s a delicious meal, sure, but all of the real work has already been done for you. Maybe he added a spice or two in there but it’s not his meal.


Now the only thing dumber than Kellen Moore using the same signals as a decade ago are the Saints for coming out and saying that this is how they figured out Dallas’ offense. I mean it doesn’t get any more selfish than that. There are still 11 more games to go. 8 teams could have really benefited from that information staying under wraps. But now that Dallas knows that the whole world knows Kellen Moore’s signals, they’re obviously going to change it up. And who knows, maybe the Saints would end up having to play the Cowboys again later this year in the playoffs and they just screwed themselves in the process. But the moral of the story is that Kellen Moore is a false prophet. Hate to see it.