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Blue Jays Announcers Accuse Clay Bucholz of Throwing Spitters....The Eck Rips Them Both A New Asshole

TorontoTwo Toronto Blue Jays analysts have accused Boston Red Sox pitcher Clay Buchholz of doctoring his pitches in Wednesday’s 10-1 Red Sox victory. Former pitcher and current Blue Jays analyst Dirk Hayhurst tweeted that he saw Buchholz “loading the ball” with a substance during Wednesday’s broadcast.  And former Blue Jays star Jack Morris said it looked like Buchholz, at one point, was throwing a “spitter.” “I found out because the guys on the video camera showed it to me right after the game,” Morris said, according to ESPN. “I didn’t see it during the game. They showed it to me and said, ‘What do you think of this?’ and I said, ‘Well, he’s throwing a spitter. Cause that’s what it is.” For his part, Buchholz didn’t take too kindly to the suggestion that he was cheating. He said he loads his arm with rosin and occasionally wets his fingers to get a better grip.


I love it.  I absolutely fucking love it.  Is there any higher compliment a pitcher can receive than allegations of cheating?  This is what happens when you’re dominating the world to the tune of 6 wins in 6 starts and an ERA of 1.01.  When you’ve only given up 27 hits in 44.2 INN.  No one can process a performance that superhuman so they have to accuse you of loading the ball.  God knows Bucholz isn’t the first guy to be accused of cheating in Boston’s Century of Dominance, and he probably won’t be the last.  And the best part is, it doesn’t matter if Bucholz is putting nothing on the ball or if he’s giving Crisco, Bardol, Vagisil and jalapeno snot.  Just the fact that they think he is means he’s already won.  He’s so embedded in hitters’ heads that they ought to start charging rent.