Reader Email – How Big Of A Hardo Do You Have To Be To Have An Ed Hardy Pillowcase?


Reader Email

El Pres,

Rate this hardos pillow case for the plane ride. He has to be an automatic member of the mile club now right?


Here is the thing about the Stoolies. We’re an eclectic group. Like I know some stoolies probably wear Ed Hardy shit. I know they do. Hell the kid with this Ed Hardy pillowcase is probably a fucking Stoolie. Just raging his face off at Ocean Club on Sunday Nights. Well let me say this loud and clear. If you wear Ed Hardy you’re a loser. And if you have an Ed Hardy pillowcase you’re a loser times infinity. End of story.  But truth be told I don’t hate bringing the pillow with you on vacation.  That’s actually a veteran move.