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Guess That Country: Rugby World Cup Player Walks Into Other Team's Locker Room To Apologize For Getting A Red Card

The answer is Canada. It was always going to be Canada. You’d be a fool to think it would be anything else.

Just an unbelievable display of class here. But now here’s where things get a little tricky. I mean obviously Josh Larsen is a total legend for the apology. But after said apology, the South African team handed him a beer to slam as a sign of acceptance and respect. Larsen takes the beer initially, but proceeds to hand it back before leaving. Now I have to be honest, I have no idea what the proper protocol here would be.

As previously mentioned, that beer was handed to him as a sign of respect. So it would only be the polite thing to do to gas that beer. Turning it down isn’t exactly spitting in their face or anything like that, but it’s like the episode of The Office when Andy and Dwight are constantly trying to one-up each other so that the other person “owes them one”. You can’t take the high road by apologizing and then refuse to let your opponent take the high road by giving you a beer.


But on the other hand, Canada lost the game 66-7. So it would be incredibly awkward to see Larsen go into the opposing team’s locker room and start to drink beers with the guys who just handed him an L at the Rugby World Cup. It’s one thing if it’s just a men’s league and you don’t really give a shit about your teammates. But when you’re there representing your nation, I can see why turning down the beer was the right move here. Ultimately I think the thing that both made this moment and ruined it was the fact that cameras were in the locker room. If the cameras weren’t there, then we wouldn’t get to see this brilliant display of class. But if the cameras weren’t there? I’m sure he’d shotgun that beer real quick with the boys before heading back to his own locker room. All things considered, 10/10 moment.