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BRAVES ON BRAVES CRIME: Big Tennessee And Carolina Mark Play MLB The Show, Loser Has To Do Bird Box (Blindfolded) For Game 5 Tonight

The Confederacy is in shambles and Braves country is at WAR. Nobody wants to do Bird Box for a playoff game. But shit/content happens, and tonight Big Tennessee and Carolina Mark, two of the biggest Atlanta Braves fans on the planet, must survive their own Civil War. We all saw what happened the last time a Bird Box went live

May God have mercy on us all.

*Due to consistent millennial crying from blubbering Foghorn Leghorn, the loser will not be Bird Box’d the entire game. It will be for 6 NON-CONSECUTIVE OUTS out of the 9 innings. Also, if it someway, somehow ends in a tie…they’re both getting blindfolded.