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Wake Up With Gerrit Cole's Wife Watching Her Husband Strike Out Her Brother, Brandon Crawford.
We got Gerrit Cole on the mound for the Astros in the deciding Game 5 tomorrow night, so what better way to get jazzed up for that by watching his smoke show fiancé (now wife) sitting in the stands in Pittsburgh watching Cole strike out her brother, Brandon Crawford. Talk about a good lettuce matchup too, two of the best heads of hair in baseball with Cole and Crawford. If you've been paying attention to baseball this season you know Gerrit Cole will probably win the Cy Young award (he should share it with Verlander), so you know how this at-bat ends. A strikeout. Cole was up over 300 Ks this season, including 10 straight starts with 10 or more Ks. That is insane. We throw this phrase around a lot, but that is video game stuff. His wife is in a no-lose situation. Either your brother gets on base against your husband, or your husband comes out on top against his brother-in-law. Obviously Cole came out the winner here.
PS. Sup?