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The Philadelphia Flyers Have Added A "Rage Room" To Their Stadium, Which Is About 44 Years Overdue

You know how professional sports teams always say shit like they’re “listening to the fans” when in reality all they want is to get more of your money? Well for the first time in the history of professional sports, it appears that a team actually has taken their fans into consideration. The only issue is that this comes about 44 years too late.

Life as a Flyers fan over the years has been a painful, miserable, suffering of an existence. Sure, there have been plenty of great years and the Flyers have gone on plenty of lengthy runs. But when you haven’t won a Stanley Cup since 1975, “lengthy runs” don’t seem to cut it anymore. And the past few years in particular? Well the only way that Flyers fans aren’t completely filled with rage is if the team has just completely sucked your will to live out of your body to the point where the only emotion you’re left with is total apathy. But for the fans who still have feelings? Well those emotions are purely rage.


But now instead of breaking all of your own shit, you can go to the game and break a bunch of shit that is provided by the Flyers. Technically they’ll still be getting your money but this is like paying for a game and a therapy session all bundled into one. So as of right now, it seems like a great idea. But that’s only until Flyers fans find a way to break out of the rage room and just start unleashing hell upon all of Philadelphia. Which will probably start with Gritty’s Army of Youths.