Phil Mickelson Explains To Fore Play On Twitter Why He Hit Driver From The Bushes

Boom, there you go. On today's episode of Fore Play (download, rate and subscribe on iTunes) we talked about the above clip and wanted to know what Phil's line of thinking was that led him to hitting driver out of the bushes. Asked and answered. Never question why the king of scrambling does what he does, because if you do, he's gonna come through with an answer that makes sense. Also, BIG time flex finishing that tweet off with "I hit it 50 yards from the green in the fairway so it worked." Lefty is nothing if not extremely confident about the crazy things he does on the golf course. By the way, does this mean Phil Mickelson listens to show? Impossible to say either way but my guess is absolutely 1000% yes. It's not a coincidence that he tweeted at us the day the podcast dropped about a very specific topic we covered on the show. Time to give the people what they want and come on the show, Phil. Do it.