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You Just Hate To See David Ortiz Belt Out "Theeeeeeeeeee Yankees Win" With The Biggest Smile On His Face

I've gone back and forth on Big Papi lately. I was obviously saddened when he got shot in the D.R. and I'm glad he's back up to full strength. I obviously hate the man for what he did to the Yankees during his career in Boston. But this? This puts a smile on my face. Good ole David Ortiz doing his best rendition of John Sterling's winning call of "Thaaaaaaaaaa Yankees win!" Beautiful.

I mean he really put some effort into this one. I appreciate that very much. Didn't half ass it one bit. It was almost better than Sterling himself. Just a wonderful sight to see and sound to hear. It's like the world is correcting itself from last year one step at a time.

P.S. I forgot about the parrot before the game. I mean Papi might be a full blown Yankees fan now that the Sox are a joke and selling everyone.