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Of Course Aroldis Chapman Hurt His Throwing Hand After Getting Hit By a Bottle During The Yankees Champagne Celebration

NY Post
And in the clubhouse after Aroldis Chapman got the final five outs of the series-clinching, 5-1 win over the Twins, Chapman had his left hand heavily bandaged, but insisted he was fine.
“I was just celebrating and everyone was jumping around,’’ Chapman said through an interpreter. “I got hit with a bottle, but it’s fine.” Brian Cashman said he noticed Chapman’s hand when he fist-bumped the closer. “He had a huge smile on his face, so I think that was a good sign,’’ the GM said.

Obviously. I mean obviously the Yankees could not win a postseason series and celebrate without getting hurt. We joked about before hand, but it actually happened. Now it seems like Chapman is fine, but that bandage looks legit and it's on his throwing hand so that's not ideal. I don't know how we're calling that fine. Apparently he was hit by a bottle during the champagne popping? I don't even know how that happens. We're just throwing bottles full speed around the clubhouse? Sounds like a Tommy Kahnle stunt if you ask me. 

Zack Britton had to leave the game in the 8th inning with a jammed ankle, which appears to be fine, but now this. I mean it's just crazy how snake bitten they are. Doesn't matter though. They just keep going. Unstoppable. Full speed ahead. Next Man Up. Just please next time we do something with glass or anything dangerous have the entire team wrapped in bubble wrap.