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Soccer Player Breaks Another Soccer Player's Leg, Then Rolls Around Like His Leg Is Broken

V.League club Song Lam Nghe An defender Tran Dinh Song has been given the length punishment for a tackle that resulted in Hung Vuong An Giang midfielder Nguyen Anh Hung’s injury. The Vietnam Football Federation (VFF) has slapped a 28-match ban on a local footballer for breaking the leg of an opponent in a nasty challenge last week. Song Lam Nghe An defender Tran Dinh Song has been handed the harsh punishment after his challenge resulted in a broken leg for Hung Vuong An Giang midfielder Nguyen Anh Hung. In addition to the suspension, which will see Tran miss the entire 2014 campaign, he will also be fined VND20million (S$1,200) by the VFF. “The punishment is meant to be a warning to players throughout the nation, where violent behaviour on the field has gradually become more popular,” VFF said in a statement. However, SLNA coach Nguyen Huu Thang was unhappy with the verdict and hit back at the extremely harsh punishment given out to his player. “I do not take sides with my player,” Nguyen said. “I myself will fine him if he does wrong. We will appeal because his absence would strongly affect our name and V.League results.” Vietnam international defender Tran Dinh Dong has been handed a record 28-game suspension by the country’s football federation after breaking the leg of an opponent in a domestic league match. Dong, who plays for Song Lam Nghe An, was also fined 20 million dong (£567) for the foul on Hung Vuong An Giang midfielder Nguyen Anh Hung, who is expected to be sidelined for a year. The 26-year-old is not eligible to return to action this year and said he would appeal the verdict which also stipulated he should pay Hung’s medical bills.


I didn’t really try to read the whole thing. But all I know is the guy who did a flying curb stomp on the other guy’s leg was suspended for 28 games. Which is weird cause it didn’t really look that awful, it just so happened to snap it in half, that’s just bad luck. So what I’m hoping is he is being suspended 2 games for the bad tackle, and 26 games for rolling around on the ground like a fucking asshole idiot after the fact. Even in the Vietnamese league, they roll around on the ground like the French. 20 million dongs for doing that, bro. That’s a lot of dongs.