Aaron Judge Giving Out The WWE Championship Belt To Gleyber Torres Followed By An All Out Champagne Shower Was So Awesome

Aaron Judge, my captain. Right now give him his extension, by out his arbitration years. Everything. Just do it. I've watched this clip 1000 times. The moment he says "TONIGHT, the belt goes to GT Baby YEAHHH!!!" the team just goes nuts. I love everything about these guys. I've never liked a sports team more in my entire life. Such an amazing group. I can't wait for Saturday and neither can they. Hope they got hammered because they deserve it and now have a bunch of days off. I know Kahnle did…

By the way, I'm pretty sure this person to Judge's right is DJ.

And if that's the case then it appears he actually showed emotion when everyone went nuts.

I'm stunned. Emotion? What is that? That does not compute.