The People Are Finally Coming Around...They Want Tyler Bray As QB1

Nagy…stop talking for a second and look below your face


For the second time this week, a take of mine from 2012 is becoming popular with the people.

I was wrong about Dooley. He was a moron. A guy who was given the Tennessee job because his dad coached Georgia and he used to get Nick Saban coffee. A guy so stupid that he only managed to win 16 games total over three years with a stud QB like Tyler Bray. A guy who some have compared to Dan Marino

We all watched the Bears play in London against the Raiders. We know that Chase Daniel isn’t the guy. Nice fellow, I am sure. He just doesn’t have the arm to match his brain. You know who does? Tyler Bray

Just the easiest 55 yard strike for a TD you’ve ever seen. Effortless deep ball. Close your eyes and imagine Allen Robinson on the end of that.

“But Chief, Chase Daniel plays because he really knows the offense”

You know who else really knows the offense? Tyler Bray. Bray went undrafted(not his fault, blame the Vols) and signed with the Chiefs in 2013. You know who else got to Kansas City in 2013? Matt Nagy. Bray has been in the offense for 6 years. He knows that playbook. How’d he look in game action? Zero career regular season completions and two total snaps so nobody has tape good tape on him. Advantage: Bears. Bray is a preseason gangster though. Lit up the Colts going 11-16 for 136 yards. Not too shaby, imo.

You might be thinking “man, the Bears line doesn’t look too great. Isn’t that a bad spot to put a QB who hasn’t started a game since 2012?”. That is a fair question. Answer…does Tyler Bray scare easily?


The Bears offense needs a little juice. A little confidence. A little swagger.

My guy Ty has swagger for days even if he hasn’t done it in years.

There was another quarterback from a traditional power who was overlooked in the draft. A guy who had confidence and smarts even when people were counting him out. A guy who Tyler Bray is one letter away from having the same last name. Is that a coincidence? An omen? I don’t know. What I do know is…the Bears desperately need Mitch Trubisky back. I am sorry for saying that the gap between Mitch and Chase Daniel wasn’t that big. It is. Give me Redskins Mitch back and let’s get the season on track.