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China Is Now Just Flat Out Refusing To Show All NBA Games Including Those Being Played IN China Because Of Adam Silver

So just a quick update on what’s becoming one of the weirder, more bizarre stories that I can remember with the NBA. China is now just flat out refusing to show NBA games, including the Nets/Lakers game in China. Oh, you know those teams? Guys like Kyrie, Anthony Davis, LeBron, etc. Nope, can’t watch it if you’re Donnie living over there in China.

I’m not going to get into the politics of this all because 1) I’m not 100% sure exactly what’s going on with Hong Kong, even listening to Donnie:

and 2) that’s not what we do. I think it’s stupid all these people losing their goddamn mind about the NBA. But the fact is China makes the NBA a ton of money.

I mean I can’t say we’re surprised. Jerry talked about South Park being wiped off the Internet in China

The crazy thing is this all started because of a tweet. A tweet! This is just 2019 in a nutshell where there’s not this international story with a major country and the NBA because of a tweet.

Now, this is where the NBA is in a tough spot. It’s a business. I think people are forgetting that. Adam Silver has to walk a tight line because he has to make money for the NBA and that’s what China does. On the other hand, it appears you want to be on the side of Hong Kong, which is pissing China off.

Thank God, we live in the US. I’ll be watching hoops and football all week.