A Bengals Fan Is Living In A Tent On The Roof Of His Restaurant Until They Win A Game

[Source] – A die-hard Bengals fan is making a statement, camping out until the team is victorious. The business owner will live in a tent above his restaurant possibly until late December.

Jeff is living up to his word and pitching a tent on the roof of the Hog Rock Cafe. He will live up there for the foreseeable future. He will sleep and hang out all day, he will eat food from his restaurant below and occasionally hear entertainment from the local bands. The only thing he doesn’t have on the roof is a bathroom.

Jeff has everything he needs up there: food and drinks from below, a phone charger, an air mattress, blankets and a heater. He also has a table and chairs set up for meals and company and soon a TV, but he needs something specific to get down.

I love this move. It’s an all-time snake move to get away from your wife and hang out on your own for a little bit. I mean look at that. He has food and drinks from a bar/restaurant. He has his own bed. He has a TV. He can have company. That sounds awesome! That sounds like a man who just needs a break and was being nagged by his wife after being pissed off week after week that the Bengals kept losing.

He knows the Bengals suck. He knows exactly what he’s doing. He’s 1) bringing in some free advertising to his restaurant, which has a hell of a name Hog Rock Cafe. I’m about to drive across the border to Indiana just to eat at Hog Rock. And then 2) he’s looking to hang out with his friends or himself for a little bit.

This is kind of bullshit though:

He will come off the roof to use the restroom, attend to his business commitments and go to Bengals tailgates.

You have to be all in or not. You don’t get to leave to go tailgate games. The shit is that? That’s counterproductive to this whole campout. You need to refuse to go to Bengals games or tailgates. You want to tailgate? Have your friends over to your tent. Also fuck business commitments. Have someone else go for you and use your phone. You can’t just leave your roof.