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Well, Shit. Sterling Shepard Is In The NFL Concussion Protocol And Reportedly Expected To Miss Multiple Weeks

I hate to overreact to one report about one player. But I feel like moving the ball against the Patriots defense and winning on Thursday is not going to be easy. I guess we can lump in the potential absences of Evan Engram, Saquon Barkley, Wayne Gallman, and any semblance of a running game on top of playing the best team in football in their place on a short week to these jitters. But losing Shep just as him and Daniel Jones started clicking really really sucks.

I have admittedly been underwhelmed with Shep so far in his Giants career, partially because I had him penciled in as a Hall of Famer after watching enough of his college YouTube highlights, partially because our offense was a dumpster fire for his entire time in New York. But ever since Daniel Jones took over at QB, Shep has become a weapon in the passing game, in the running game, and in the dancing game where I thought the Shepard Shuffle could have become the new Victor Cruz salsa that unathletic white guys like myself clumsily did along with him after a big play.

However it looks like we won’t be seeing Shep or the shuffle anytime soon in an effort to make sure his brain doesn’t get turned into soup in the name of football so he can live a happy life in post-retirement and Will Smith doesn’t get angry again.

Obviously you have to do whatever is right for Shep, but fuck this sucks. I said if the Giants could get some injury luck during these two brutal games, they would have their entire offense finally together with Mothafucka Jones under center against a Cardinals defense that is 28th in points and 29th in yards. Instead, it looks like we may be chasing that dream of what our offense should look like for the rest of the season. In a weird way, the Golden Tate signing which at first seemed redundant actually seems to be perfect since these guys have barely been on the field together. Hopefully Shep is able to get healthy sooner rather than later and doesn’t have to visit the blue tent for a head injury any more this season or for the rest of his career, because two concussions in a month is some serious shit.