Kate Beckinsale Working Out This Weekend Motivated Me To Sign Up For The Gym

I mean Kate Beckinsale continues to make no sense. The Google Machine says she's 46 years old. Fuck outta here. No chance in hell she's 36, never mind 46. She appears to have gotten bored of looking 30 years old and is going for the 20s now. She motivated me to sign up for the gym this morning. If she's doing it and looking like that then I need to give it a shot. Now I don't know when I'll go, but I signed up. That's important. For Kate.

Beckinsale is just a goddess. She defies logic. The only woman I'd maybe put over her is Julianne Hough. Together they're unstoppable. Two women who are just above the rest.

Here's some more Kate as I calm my nerves before Game 3 tonight.