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Am I Supporting Rape Culture If I Say This Girl Deserves To Be Raped? Or Should I Just Say She Deserves To Be Murdered To Be Safe?



See this is where I get confused with Rape Culture stuff.   Like if I say this chick deserves to get raped does that mean I support rape culture?   I don’t think so.  Just like if I say she deserves to get murdered I don’t think that means I support murder culture.   It just means I think this chick is an asshole who deserves terrible things to happen to her.   Sorry not sorry.

PS – Some people right now have the audacity to say this video isn’t that bad.  Tell that to the people who died or all the people sitting in the hospital with no legs because of this terrorist.   I’m sure they think it’s hilarious that some chick is making youtubes trying to get famous talking about how cute he is.